Simagic GTC

GT Sport wheel

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Cut-off Top for optimized visibility.
Side rotary encoders for maximum control GT Cup, experience GT Racing with no compromises



  • Diameter: 325mm
  • Next generation driver software SimPro Manager
  • Cut-Off Top Steering Wheel
  • High-quality carbon fiber plate
  • Light-weight wheel body: 1850g
  • Patented soft glow LED lights.
  • Every RGB light is adjustable, clear and non-intrusive
  • Patented button cap stickers (128x) 8
  • programmable RGB buttons
  • 50mm Simagic Quick Release (Optional)
  • Dual Clutch paddle system
  • 2 rotary encoder buttons
  • Two 7-way Multi-position Rotary Switch
  • 2 thumb encoders
  • 1 RGB ABS Rotary Encoder
  • 1 RGB TC Rotary Encoder
  • Patented HALL sensor paddle module
  • Patented next gen button design
  • minimizes travel while maximizing tactile feedback
  • Paddle shifters can be adjusted horizontally and vertically

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