Realistic feel and size
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  • Diameter: 30cm
  • Steering wheel for racing simulators with realistic feel and size
  • Magnetic shift paddles for lightning-fast gear changes
  • RGB shift indicator recognize the perfect shift time
  • Quick-release connector allows quick replacement
  • Compatibility with all MOZA Wheelbases
  • Frame made of high-quality aluminum and shift paddles made of real carbon
  • Six Programmable Buttons
  • With perforated leather cover


Perfect the control of your vehicle and become a champion

Take your racing setup to the next level with the MOZA GS V2 Formula Steering Wheel. The construction made of aluminum and carbon and the cover made of artificial leather enables long-lasting driving pleasure and upgrades your setup immensely.

The realistic size makes you feel like you're in a real race car. Magnetic shift paddles, for example, allow you to shift gears at lightning speed without having to take your hands off the steering wheel. The RGB shift indicator always shows you the perfect switching time.

The various buttons help you to make additional settings during the race. You can assign your preferred settings to a total of 21 controls and thus further improve your racing experience.


Compatible with all MOZA Wheelbases

The MOZA GS V2 Formula Steering Wheel is compatible with all MOZA wheelbases. This steering wheel connects wirelessly to the R21/R16/R9 bases. The R5 base is firmly connected with the classic slip ring.


Racing Dashboard for R16 / R21

MOZA R9 v2

9 Nm Direct Drive Wheel Base

MOZA Universal Hub

Allows the use of third-party wheelbases with your Moza wheel