Professional Carbon Fiber GT steering wheel
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  • Diameter: 295mm
  • Polyurethane handle
  • Robust construction made of metal and carbon fiber
  • The front panel and paddles are made of 4 mm thicker 3K carbon fiber with a high-quality textured coating.
  • 9+14+4 RGB LEDs that can be customized via SimHub.
  • 0.96-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 160 x 80 pixels and a refresh rate resolution of 60 frames per second. The dashboard can be customized via SimHub.
  • 14 RGB keys with 500 g actuation force
  • 2 multidirectional joysticks with integrated encoders
  • 4 pushbutton encoders
  • 2 thumb buttons
  • Magnetic rocker switches
  • Clutch paddle optionally available.
  • The clutch paddles can be adjusted to bite point mode and axis mode.
  • All paddles use non-contact Hall sensors for a long service life.
  • QR mounting hole with 70 mm diameter.
  • Optional QR for Fanatec, Simagic and Moza.
  • With a Leoxz Fanatec QR you can unlock the wheelbase's force feedback.
  • Fanatec mode for compatibility with PS4/5 on Fanatec wheelbases. Supports access to the Fanatec Tuning menu to adjust basic settings (Leoxz only tested it in Fanatec DD Pro-PS mode).
  • Low latency 2.4G wireless functionality (XGT 2.4G Link must be purchased separately as a USB receiver).
  • Equipped with an industrial grade GX12 thread USB interface and a double twisted nylon tensile strength USB cable that has passed 100,000 cable twist tests.


  • Simagic Alpha Mini, Alpha, Alpha Ultimate
  • Moza R9, R12, R16, R21
  • Simucube SC1, SC2
  • Fanatec DD1, DD2, CSW, CSL DD, DD Pro (base torque must be unlocked with Leoxz Fanatec QR)
  • Asetek Direct Drive Wheelbase (The steering wheel requires the installation of the Invicta Quick Release Adapter)


  • SimHub and SimBridge
  • SimHub for collecting telemetry data
  • SimBridge is used to receive and send data to SimHub


  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 33 cm x 19 cm x 14 cm
  • Weight: 1.5 kg


  • XGT Pro steering wheel (quick release optional)
  • USB-GX12 cable
  • Custom stickers
  • Nylon tweezers


The steering wheel can only be used in sim racing
For the USB power input, the maximum voltage is 5V. For the QR power input, the maximum voltage is 12V. Exceeding these maximum voltage limits may cause damage to the steering wheel lead.
The free version of Simhub only outputs data at a frame rate of 10. For a frame rate of 60, you need to purchase an additional license.
SimHub dashboard is only effective when connected via USB. When using a 2.4G wireless connection, only the integrated gear and speed dashboard is available.
When using the wireless function of the steering wheel, it is recommended to place the wireless receiver no more than about 1 meter from the steering wheel. Failure to do so may result in a reduction in WiFi speed.
For bases that may experience noticeable EMI issues, such as: For example, the Fanatec DD1/2, the optimal choice is to connect the steering wheel via an externally powered USB hub along with a USB isolator. Additionally, it is recommended to ensure that the DD1/2 has an additional ground wire (https://fanatec.com/us-en/faq/details/id/72).



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