Innato LMP2

LMP2 Steering Wheel

LMP2 steering wheel.
Manufactured in 2 parts, front part in anodized aluminum and central and rear part in anodized aluminum, both in black.
90A hardness polyurethane resin grips

Functionality :
1 USBD480 display.
16 configurable LEDs in different colors.
10 high precision and quality PCB pushbuttons.
4 rotary encoder CTS 288 with button.
2 lateral APEM rotary encoders.
2 magnetic cams made of aluminum and black anodized.
2 clutch cams (depending on the model to choose) configurable to the same axis or separate axis (calibration and configuration software is supplied)
Total 30 entries.

Finishes :
Encoder covers machined in aluminum with safety screw.
Vinyls for each button Magnetic Cams:
CNC machined in aluminium.
Black anodized.
High durability micro switch, used in real competition cars.
Aluminum blades with rounded edges.

USB connection:
External connection via USB-A connector

The steering wheel  is compatible with OSW, Simucube 2, Thrustmaster, Logitech and Fanatec, a compatible adapter is required for each base. 50mm bolt pattern, includes adapter to 70mm.

User Manual: