Innato Ferrari 488 GTE Elite

Ferrari 488 GTE Steering Wheel

Ferrari 488 GTE Replica Steering Wheel Elite Version.
Diameter 300mm.
Made of 2 parts: front part made of 3mm carbon fiber, middle and rear part made of black anodized aluminum.
Polyurethane resin handles with a hardness of 75A.
Anodized aluminum encoder and switch housing.

11 high-quality and durable buttons
2 rotary encoders CTS 288 with button
1 multifunction 4-way joystick with button and rotary encoder
2 switches based on the exact copy of the original steering wheel
2 shift paddles made of aluminum and black anodized
A total of 30 input options

Shift paddles:
CNC milled from aluminum Black anodized
Cruzer microswitches, also used in real racing cars

USB connection:
External connection via USB-A connector

The steering wheel is compatible with OSW, Thrustmaster, Logitech and Fanatec, a compatible adapter is required for each base.